UPDATE: I Finally Cried “Uncle” Over Google Calendar’s GMT Issue

keep-calm-and-hate-googleOne of the dangers of drastically changing your workflow and organization, is you discover that your much relied upon apps are, in fact, buggy disasters. In an effort to increase my productivity, I started relying heavily on Google Calendar, used through the Apple Calendar app. This was, in theory, a good idea. However, as I explained in my last post, I ran into the dreaded GMT problem.

This event was in my calendar for 4:45pm EST!

This event was in my calendar for 4:45pm EST!

My proposed work-around, which was to edit my local timezone in to each entry, does work, but is a fiddly pain in the neck. I sucked it up for a few days until I realized that, in addition to the GMT issue, new entries would default to having two notifications for 10 minutes prior to the event start time, despite ensuring the “None” was selected. This led to a ridiculous cacophony of buzzes and pings of unwanted alerts! The only way to deselect notifications was to go back and edit the event, bringing the number of edits needed for each new entry to two.

That is two too many!

I just wanted to freak out, yell, cry, take a hammer to my computer, and stop the insanity. Yes, I cried “uncle” and it’s the best thing I ever did. Instead of wasting more time looking for another cumbersome workaround, I exported my Google calendar, did a simple drag-n-drop into iCloud’s Calendar, and boom! All problems solved! My Calendar app is, at least for the moment, working perfectly. I am sure annoyances or problems will present themselves at some point, but for now I will enjoy the peace that comes from zero timezone confusion and no unwanted notifications!

Have you had trouble with these issues? Did you find a different and/or better solution? If so, please share in the comments below!